Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 1 Day 2 Body Revolution

Well, yesterday went really well! I am very proud of myself that I could lay my head on the pillow last night and know that I did exactly what I was planning. I followed the plan exactly and made it through a whole day! Which for me is a major thing cuz I am the queen of "small cheats" A small peice of chocolate here and there...a diet pop when I say Im quitting pop...things like that always seem to creep in on me. I still lose but not as quickly as I could. So a whole day of NO cheating is AMAZING! And I wasn't starving! I was pretty suprised about that. Cuz you get to eat enough, but its a LOT of greens and I was afraid I would be hungry. I wasn't hungry, I had the energy to make it through all the workouts...and I woke up this morning ready to do it again! Im really excited to see the number on the scale at the end of this week!

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