Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 1 Day 3 Body Revolution

Ok, so yesterday was day 2...on day 1 I didn't feel hungry at all, but on day 2 I started to get hungry. And during my evening workout I felt kinda weak, so I added a little to the diet plan in order to pick myself up. Doing so I still stayed within my calorie range for SP so I am good with it. Today I also decided to add in a protein bar as a morning snack to help fuel me through my workouts. It only adds 190 calories and since her kickstart plan only gives you 1200 Im not gonna sweat that. I broke down and got on the scale this morning even tho I told myself I wouldn't, and let me just say I am so excited for Monday to see my "official" weigh in! I wont spoil it by telling you what I lost but it made me want to jump up and down! And its only been two days! Loving it! So far this morning of day 3 I did a 2 mile run, with 10 minutes of warm up and cool down walking. Throughout the day I plan on doing 15 minute walks on my 2 breaks, and then doing Jillians workout this evening. I decided to start doing this kickstart plan not because I want to eat this way forever, but because I think getting that good kick start will help with my motivation, and because I have a float trip coming up in 2 weeks and 2 days and I want to lose as much as I can before having to wear a bathing suit!

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