Monday, May 7, 2012

Ok, so here goes! I had my first kickstart breakfast this wasn't bad actually! I felt totally how I will feel in a few hours Im not sure, but for now I feel great! Here are my stats for today the start of my kickstart week: Weight 212.6 Waist 37" Hips 50" Right Arm 14.5" Left Arm 14" Right Thigh 28.5" Left Thigh 29" Jeans size 17 (but they are a tad loose) Not very pretty but thats where I am. Hopefully in a week those numbers will look better! Now, I should probably mention that based on my schedule I have had to modify the workouts a bit. She says to do the "Workout 1" in the morning and "Cardio 1" in the evening. I have no possible way of doing a video in the morning. My baby is asleep in my room, and my babysitter is asleep in my living room. Sooo, I am doing 30 minutes of cardio at the gym in the mornings, just so Im not doing nothing. Either a run, or 30 minutes on the elyptical. Then in the evening I will do both the Workout 1 and cardio 1. So I will actually be burning a bit more calories than was designed, but I dont want to do nothing in the morning because I think she has it set up that way so that you will kick start you metabolism in the morning. AND I dont want to just do my own cardio and skip hers because her videos are designed to work you into her tougher moves that come later so i dont want to miss that. So, all that being said,I will check in again at the end of week 1 with more stats and updates. Also, at the end of the 90 days on this plan I will post before and after pics as well.

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