Monday, October 29, 2012

Yummy Paleo treats!

So this weekend I finally gathered all the ingredience I need for a couple sweet treat Paleo recipes Ive been wanting to try!! And wowza!! They were YUMMMY!! So I thought I would share! On was Paleo fudge. It is peanut butter and cocoa chocolate so its not strictly chocolate fudge, but I thought it was delicious! Here is the link to the recipe Another one I tried was for Paleo Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies....these were even better than the fudge. The recipe doesn't make many, and I ate them all in 2 days! :) And still lost weight!! :D Hope you all like them as much as I did!! Even my kids liked the cookies! I didn't let them try my fudge! I wanted some saved for me for another day! :)
Wow, been a long while since I took time to blog! I have recently started a new phase of my life more commonly known as going PALEO! I was scared to death at first, but really its not as hard as it would seem! I dont crave sweets or bread or any of the things I use to crave all the time! So I decided I will start posting some of the yummy recipes I come across her...mainly so I can keep track of them all, but also to help others who may want them as well! So look for posts to happen a lot more frequently!