Monday, January 4, 2010

The United States of Insanity

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2009 Soap Box Archives

The United States of Insanity

I have watched the bunch of buffoons on Capitol Hill spend taxpayer's money that the taxpayers haven't even earned yet, and money from taxpayers that haven't even been born yet.

I have seen the leader of the free world bowing and kowtowing to anybody with a title.

I have seen three Navy Seals who captured the murdering scumbag who shot, burned and hung the bodies of four American citizens off a bridge in Fallujah be indicted because the puss ball turned up with a bloody nose.

I have seen the entire military of this country castigated because a few foolish guards put a pair of panties over the head of some Islamic fanatics.

I have seen the global warming farce exposed for the gigantic farce that it is, and still the mainstream media and the gutless politicians and news media will not even acknowledge it for the bald-face lie that it is.

I have seen the Nobel Peace Prize cheapened for all times because it was awarded for nothing more than political correctness.

I have witnessed the whining of a weak and petulant president who acts as if he is not the president but a relief pitcher who can blame all his shortcomings on the guy pitching before he came in.

I have seen the government spend billions of our hard earned dollars on clunkers to enable people to buy Japanese automobiles.

I have lived to see a man elected president who hobnobbed with domestic terrorists, and for twenty years went to a church where an anti-white preacher spewed hatred toward America.

I have seen our nation murder fifty million future citizens in their mother's wombs in the name of "choice."

I have seen a president sit down and have a beer with a black college professor and a white policeman but cannot find the time to honor the troops of whom he is Commander In Chief.

What kind of country allows itself to go so deeply in debt that just the payment on the interest could well equal 75% of its GDP?

What kind of country thinks it can spend it's way out of a recession?

What kind of country is foolish enough to pursue the failed socialistic model of government knowing full well that it has never worked and will never work?

What kind of nation would set back and allow an overwhelmed president and a careless inept Congress tear away the very fabric of America's greatness.

What kind of president vacillates about sending needed troops in the middle of a war?

What kind of country has a president who just can't seem to stop campaigning and seize the reins of power, who keeps reminding us about what a mess he inherited, whose every attempt to fix the economy fails?

What kind of country allows it's elected officials to sign a bill they haven't even read into law.

What kind of country would use kindergarten terminology when describing cold-blooded Islamic murderers?

What kind of president would allow an arrogant Attorney General endanger the lives of everybody in New York City so he can have an anti-American show trial and drag the intelligence agencies, the military and a former administration through the mud of political correctness?

What kind of nation continues to buy our oil from countries that hate us, and use the dollars we pay them to finance terrorism around the world?

Welcome to the United States of Insanity.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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