Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello All, Today was an amazing day! I got to go on a trail ride, which I haven't done in WAY WAY WAY too long! It was so much fun!
Now on to what Im really here RESULTS! I started on Thursday 4/16/2015 and I posted my starting numbers here in a previous post. So week 1 ending on this previous Thursday, my results were as follows: Bust 42, Waist 39, Hips 52, L Arm 15, R Arm 15.5, L Calf 17.5, R Calf 18, And I decided to add a neck measurement - 14. This makes my results Starting Weight: 242, End of week 1 weight: 232.8 For a total of 10 lbs lost! {Bust: Same, Waist: -2in, Hips: -1in, L Arm: -.5in, R Arm: -.5in, L Calf: -.5 in, R Calf: -.5in} For a grand total of 5 inches lost!! 10 lbs and 5 inches gone!!! Im so thrilled!! Onward and upward we go! I will post again with my new results Thursday! :-D

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