Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Foiled day...except foil dinners

Ok, so day 1 didn't start out exactly as I planned. I ended up having to ride to work with my husband which means getting up and out of the house (with 2 little boys) before 5am. Sooooo I didn't get any breakfast/lunch made to take with we wont talk about that. I did however get my starting I will post beginning stats and pictures at the end of this post. For dinner, I did do pretty well. We cooked on the grill and I made a foil mix of red potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and a little bit of chicken. Added a little olive oil and some seasoning and put it on the grill...Yummmo!! ------------------------------------- Height - 5'8" Weight 242.8 Bust - 42 Waist - 41 Hips - 53 (YIKES) R Calf - 18 1/2 L Calf - 18 R Arm - 16 L Arm - 15 1/2
Ugh...its not pretty but there it is.....and that will be the LAST time those are my numbers! LETS DO IT!!

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