Friday, February 17, 2012

FREE Enterprise

Wow, been way to long since Ive posted anything! The reason for my new found zest for blog writing today is that I recently completed a 10 page research paper on Free Enterprise. This research was very informative for me. I LOVED it, and thats saying something because I do NOT like writing. In a formal way I mean. What all of this research taught me is that while the media may play it up as this is all something new and enovative, the fight for a FREE america, as opposed to a SOCIALIST America is not a new thing! Its been going on for centuries! A book I picked up to help in my research was written in the 60's!! And it was covering a LOT of the same stuff that my book from last year covered! This is not new, you are not SO smart to think up fighting "greed", and you are not the smartest to ever try it either Occupy movement. You are a bunch of childish, spoiled brats who are trying to get something for nothing by taking on the stance of those who have come before you. And to be honest, those who came before you would be ASHAMED of who you are and how you behave. Just sayin...

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