Monday, November 22, 2010


What is happening to her? Our beautiful America we have all grown up with is disappearing before our very eyes. This man that has been appointed our "Leader" is tearing her apart limb from limb. And although he would like to think he is the all powerful, he is not doing it alone. All the "liberals" and "progressives" are fueling the fire. They think they are pushing "freedom" and "choice" but what they are really doing is taking away everyone's right to think for themselves. They think that the government will take the money and "redistribute the wealth"....This country has always been one where people work HARD to gain wealth! If you work your entire life to get your little piece of the pie, and then the government comes and take it all and "redistributes" it to those who have refused to work for anything then where is the motivation to strive? I know life isn't fair, but in this country you could always make or break yourself...there is no such thing as luck, you have to work for what you have! This new generation of spoiled, self indulgent, self righteous brats that think they are entitled to have everything yet never work for anything. They are giving Obama every stepping stone he needs to STEAL their freedom and their liberty and they are LETTING HIM DO IT!! In fact they are HELPING him do it!
It makes my heart hurt to watch all of the small things he is doing that slip right under the radar and inch him closer and closer to his goal. Destroying this great country. We fought so hard against communism when it was blatant and apparent. Now, even though it is blatant and apparent to some, because they have been dumbing down our children in these liberal schools, they don't see it! They don't see the irreparable damage that is being done to our Republic! This man that is leading our country calls those who do not agree with him ENEMIES and people ignore it. He lets the Muslims who have attacked our country enter and leave without so much as a 2nd look because of their "religion" but anyone else has to be violated in the name of "security" to get on a plane! We do not follow Shari law in America! If you want to follow Shari law, stay in your own damn country!!! If you come to America, and want to get on a plane, you have to follow the same laws as everyone else!
I have 4 young boys. What their future will hold is such a scary thought for me. I am raising them to be responsible, ethical, and independent. Not to depend on anyone else for what they need but to earn it themselves! Just because my generation was raised by lazy parents who would rather give kids what they want than take the time to teach them how to earn it does not mean those kids should be handed everything by the gov't when they are adults! If they don't know how to earn it, then they can learn to do without it! If they are actually made to be uncomfortable for a period of time, maybe they will get off of their lazy butts and DO SOMETHING to help themselves! But our great mr president (yes I realize I did NOT capitalize that) makes them think they don't have to! They don't have to work for anything, they don't need to go to college and learn anything, they don't need to strive for greatness in anything because if they want to sit home and be lazy, that is A-OK because the gov't, and my children who will work their asses off, will pay to take care of them!!
I feel every day like I am in mourning for an America we have lost. An America my children will never get to know. And while some have no idea of the repercussions of what they are supporting, I know...I see what is coming and It scares the living hell out of me. But we cannot give up the fight. As America has proven by this most recent election, we are sick of obama and his drones stealing our freedom. I just pray every day that we can move things in the right direction and fix at least some of the damage that has already been done. And I pray every day that when the presidental election comes, the voice of this country is heard in spades as we vote that man OUT of office!!!!!

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