Friday, April 2, 2010

The joys of Pregnancy!

Ok, so everyone tells you pregnancy is so wonderful, its this amazing gift from God, and you feel so beautiful and alive, and its so amazing to feel your tiny baby moving inside you and there is no better feeling in the world...all this is totally times....then there are times like the last trimester where you feel like your body has been taken over by aliens!!
Sleep has become practically impossible, and trying to turn over in bed...LOLOL!! YEAR RIGHT!!
Anything I eat causes such awful acid reflux that I am amazed I dont have a giant hole in my throat yet!
Not to mention these stupid contractions I keep having that give me a headache and make me even more worn out!
And dont forget that ever 10 minutes I have to waddle to the bathroom to pee cuz I feel like Im gonna wet myself cuz Lukas thinks hes found a trampoline!
Ever time I stand up I feel like hes gonna fall right out on the floor!
My hands are so swollen I cant even get the "temporary" wedding ring Gerome got me for my fat fingers on anymore!
My feet are so swollen I cant fit in any shoes but tennis shoes (untied) and flip flops!
Im tellin ya, its a good think my pregnancy with Trey wasn't like this or I may have never had Braiden or Lukas!
I really did't feel like I was done, told Gerome I wanted at least one more...he of course told me I was nuts!!!...but I really felt like I wasn't done...after this pregnancy, I may not be so heartbroken to never do this again!! I mean really!!

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