Thursday, December 9, 2010

Human Rights???

Since when did everything become a "human right"? Having health insurance is a human right, getting a college education is a human right, having a well paying job is a human right....I mean REALLY????? What happened to you have to work hard to get the things you want?? Lifes not fair...GROW UP and take responsibility for your own life! Why should kids be allowed to be on their parents insurance until they are 26 years old? Im sorry, but last I checked 18 was legal adult age! If you are old enough to vote, or go to war for your country, or decide you dont want to go to college because you are smart enough already, you are old enough to go out, get a job, and get your own insurance! If you cant afford it, sorry about your luck! Work your way up to where you can!!! If everyone is handed everything because it is a "human right" then what drives one to succeed?? If you dont want for anything, why work for anything? My generation, and even more the generation after me are so spoiled and self rightous they have been taught by their parents that the world/country/human race owes them something! WTH?? No one owes you anything! Blacks in this day and age have never been slaves. Get over it! Indians in this day and age didnt have their land stripped from them! Everones ancestors at some point had it rough...we are all spoiled and pampered now so why should a person who spends their life working their ass off to get what they want and to have the life they want, PAY for someone who has no desire to do anything for themself??

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