Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama...the IDIOT!

I am so unbelievably frustrated and well heck I will say it, PISSED OFF!!! It is absolutely incomprehensable to me that anyone with a single brain cell left could ever be happy with Mr Obama as our president. How about Mr Obama stop blameing everyone else for the VERY SAD state our country is in and start owning up to his own idiocy! How about he look at the fact that since he took office, taxes have increased, unemployment has jumped to an all time high, people in this country are suffering and all this man can say is, its all their fault! COME ON!!!! Are you like 5 years old??? You think the american people are so STUPID that they cant see for themselves that YOU are the problem!!! No, the previous administration wasn't perfect, but at least they took responsibility!! I spend my life trying my damndist to make sure my children are raised to be responsible citizens, who accept responsibility for their actions and accept consequences for their mistakes! Why on Gods green earth is the president of our country not held to the same standard?????? He continuously lies, has secret meetings (even tho he said his admin would be the most open and up front ever) treats the american people as if we are the biggest idiots hes ever met, and yet some people still think the sun rises and sets out of his ass!?!? People talk about Sarah Palin...how is she so popular? She doesn't really know anything, shes just charismatic and people fall for it....WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK MADE OBAMA POPULAR??????? His qualifications? Oh wait, he had none...his experience...Oh wait, none of that either...His wonderful plan for america...oh darnit, didn't have that either!!!! WTH????? Really people???
There are 5 women in my department at work, 3 out of 5 of us have husbands who have recently been laid off...Also my sisters husband has been laid off...not good odds! But people still somehow are blind enough to think that Obama is doing as he promised??? How? Where? Cuz Im definately not seein it!!! I have filed my own taxes for the past 4 years, this is the first year I have gotten BEANS for a tax return, and it has taken twice as long to get that return!! But of course that cant have anything to do with our jackass moron president!!! Its all Bush's fault...even tho Bush hasn't been in office for TWO YEARS!!!! There has to come a point when this man stops blaming every one else and actually is made to take responsibility!! I mean really, at the very end of his GOD AWFUL 4 year term is he still gonna be preachin his bullshit that its still Bush's fault??? OF COURSE HE WILL!!! CUZ PEOPLE ARE BUYING HIS BULLSHIT!!!! I am going to spend the next 2 years PRAYING with everything I have that our next president actually has a brain, and uses it!!! Imagine that!!!! I would LOVE if Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin were to run for president!! The Dems think oh thats just dumb, they have no chance...you wait...you wait until this man has been DESTROYING our economy and our military's authority, and our healthcare system for FOUR YEARS and see if the people aren't so ready to get him out they would put BARNEY FEIF in office to do it!!


  1. You have no clue what you are talking about.

  2. Ohh yes she does... she actually has more of a clue what she's talking about then our "dear leader". In case you haven't figured it out there are plenty of us out here who are noticing that Obama hasn't lived up to a SINGLE one of his promises! He is still intent on Ramming his healthcare debacle down our throats... and he refuses to push Congress to do the only things that have PROVABLY helped the economy! and please some PLEASE... explain to me in what world does a government that doesn't actually MAKE money (instead it merely steals it from the taxpayer) can "spend it way to prospertity" without destroying some other part of the economy.... Robbing Peter to Pay Paul means someone (Paul) is losing out!!!!