Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dont understand "Pro-Choice"

Here was my most recent post on my other blog that I figured I would move over here so I can keep the title I assigned to it instaed of having it changed by the PTB because they dont like it... so here goes...

As a mother of 3 amazing little boys, with another on the way, I often ponder life decisions made by others. I am not ever going to say every decision I have made has been the right one, or the best one. However, when it comes to life, how can anyone say they should have the "choice" to take it away? I am now 19 weeks pregnant, and feeling my little bundle of joy moving and kicking me every day. It is the most amazing thing Ive ever experienced in life and I enjoy every minute of it.

I have a picture that was taken of my little bundle of joy at just 8 weeks after conception. This is during the time when people still dont consider it a baby and feel it should be the mothers "choice" as to weather to continue with carrying this BABY or destroying it. Anyone who believes it is not a BABY any time after about 4 weeks (which is about when you find out you are pregnant)has either never been pregnant and seen a sonogram at that stage, or is so completely in denial because they want to make themselves feel ok about killing an innocent BABY!

It makes my heart hurt to think of all the innocent lives that have been taken because of selfish people who think only of themselves. And anyone who tells me someone who has an abortion is anything other than selfish, self centered and in denial might as well just not say it. Because you will be wasting your breath.

There are people who say "well if you were raped, or if you were only 15...." Im sorry, but terrible circumstances no matter how difficult do NOT ever give me the right to take a life. At LEAST be human enough to give that child to someone who is dieing to have a child but cant!! Adoption is the most amazing gift any mother who cannot raise a child can give! Ask anyone who has adopted a child!! Or ask any child who has been adopted! Of course you cant ask the ones who have been aborted but I can guarantee you they would rather be given a chance with a family who would love them and take care of them, rather than have every chance they ever may have had in life taken away becuase the person that conceived them was too selfish to see beyond their own inconvenience!

This picture was taken 8 weeks after conception. Anyone who can tell me that isn't a baby needs help!!!

Ok, I have ranted enough, I just get so emotional when I think of this little one Im carrying, and the ones that dont get a chance.

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  1. I am literally holding my baby in my arms as I type this... I don't see how anyone could feel that this child that staring at me like i'm her whole world should/could/would be aborted. and I know this. Had abortion been legal back in the 50's I would not be here... and neither would this beautiful little girl