Monday, April 6, 2009

The man with a (BAD) plan!

This was writen in response to an editorial in the Tulsa World....I agree whole heartedly!!!!

Although there have been many editorials over the years that have angered me with their point of view, the view expressed in your March 27 editorial ("Confidence") has to be one of the most outrageous ever. To claim that Obama's plan - even though it is one that will destroy our economy, ignore our Constitution, give our grandchildren a debt that can never be repaid and move us toward socialism - is better than no plan at all is pure insanity. Remember, Hitler had a plan; Stalin had a plan; lenin had a plan; Pol Pot had a plan, and Hugo Chavez has a plan, just to mention a few of the many dictators and despots with plans. Also remember, part of Obama's plan is to allow newspapers to operate as nonprofit businesses. The only requirement is that you cannot offer any political criticism. Oh well; it appears you're already adhering to that policy.

- Richard Marrinson, Tulsa

I will never understand how seemingly intelligent people can TRY to justify the actions of this man. He is the most dangerous president we have ever had. This country is in danger every day that man is in office. I love America because we are free, and have a constitution that protects that. If this man is allowed to make a mockery of that constitution, what has this country come to??

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