Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wow, seriously??

I just honestly dont know what to say to some people! GROW UP!!! GROW A BRAIN!!! I post anything having to do with Obama and people act like Im blaspheming GOD!! The man is not god, he is not the second coming!! He is more like the ANTI-christ if you ask me!! The man is toxic to this nation! We will be lucky to have any money, any retirement, any insurance, any ANYTHING by the time this man is done!! He wants us hardworking americans to make money for EVERYONE!! Forget providing for you OWN family, provide for the entire nation of lazy uneducated bums that want to sit on their butt and still make as much money as me when I work 5 days a week, sometimes more!! HORSE SHIT!!! I hate this man, I hate this man with a passion and it is nearly impossible for me to not want to just slap the crap out of these stupid idealistic young generation of uninformed voters who have NO CLUE what this man is really all about but tout around like they are sooo smart and that anyone who questions Obama is just being narrow minded and confrontational!! HELLO!!! Wake up and smell the Arab!! This man is 44% ARAB!!! This mans roots and culture come froma country we are AT WAR with!!! AND WE ELECTED HIM PRESIDENT??????? WTF???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????

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